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Medical Cannabis Prescription Service

For Pharmacy and Prescriptions Call 0121 422 2164

We are committed to providing high-quality care and ensuring our work has the
potential to impact the lives of all patients who live with chronic health
conditions, where medical cannabis is prescribed.

How our Service Works for you

Contact-us 1

Contact the Hilltop Pharmacy Team, to discuss how we can help you feel confident and empowered in managing your condition.

Discuss 2

Nobody knows how your condition makes you feel as much as you. We will discuss your unique situation.

Prescription 3

We will quickly review your eligibility for a Medical Cannabis Prescription, and let you know if you are approved.

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We will discuss the results with you and work together to suggest strategies to improve your symptoms

Our Highly Qualified
Team Have Extensive Experience In Prescribing Cannabis Based Medicines

Our mission is to support you in exploring what is next for your health and
wellbeing. From the start of your journey to future care plans, we work tirelessly
to ensure that you feel heard and respected. The speed at which medical
cannabis starts to have effects on the body varies between individuals and
according to the type of medication they are prescribed. For some patients it
can take a few months to find the right care plan. In some patients the
improvement may be gradual, and improvement might be seen in an
unexpected way.


How can I apply for this service at Hill Top Pharmacy?

We see patients with a range of conditions where there is clinical evidence to support the use of medical cannabis. Patients must have a formal diagnosis and have tried traditional therapy to be considered. To check if medical cannabis is appropriate for you, complete our free eligibility checker by clicking ‘Am I Eligible’ above.

Contact us on 0121 422 2164 Or Visit Hill Top Pharmacy 1 Pottery Road,Oldbury, Warley, West Midlands, B68 9EX, UK

Why is some medical cannabis irradiated?

You do not need a medical cannabis card for your prescription. However, if you
are out and about with your medicine it is important to carry copies of any
evidence supporting your medical condition and prescription.
Evidence you should carry:

  • Copy of your clinic letter from your specialist doctor and/or copy of
  • Proof of ID e.g., driving license/passport – which matches the name on the prescription/letter.
  • Medication container – always ensure you keep medicine in the original
    container with the pharmacy label.

You can carry your medication with you and in your car, but it is best to avoid
leaving your medical cannabis unattended.
We advise that even if you are not carrying your medication, you should still
carry evidence supporting your medication.

Is medical cannabis available on the NHS?

Licensed medical cannabis prescriptions are currently only prescribed through
the NHS for certain individuals with severe epilepsies (Dravet syndrome,
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis complex), spasticity
associated with multiple sclerosis, and nausea caused by chemotherapy.
Fewer than 5 individuals have been successful in having their prescriptions for
unlicensed medical cannabis products funded by the NHS.

Is medical cannabis addictive and does it cause a withdrawal reaction?

Our clinicians are experts in providing medical cannabis-based care. All
individuals are reviewed by our multidisciplinary team to ensure they are not
only eligible for medical cannabis, but also to ensure they are on the most
appropriate treatment plan. This includes assessing the risk of dependence.
Our doctors work closely with patients to monitor closely for addiction and
identify the most appropriate care plan for them.

How does the medical cannabis you are able to prescribe differ from the CBD oil I am able to buy on the high street?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main compounds derived from the cannabis
plant and is used for its medicinal properties as part of medicinal cannabis
preparations. Oil-based CBD products are also available over the counter as
wellness products. CBD oils prescribed for a medical condition from a specialist
doctor typically have higher concentrations of CBD than those available on the
high street. CBD oil available on the high street is classified as a novel food and
therefore does not have to meet the same stringent regulations regarding its
manufacture as medicinal preparations.

Is medical cannabis legal?

Yes, medical cannabis is legal when prescribed to eligible patients by a
specialist doctor on the GMC register. Prior to 1st November 2018 medical
cannabis was categorised by the Home Office as a schedule 1 drug. Based on
the evidence to support its use as a medicine by the Chief Medical Officer it
was reclassified to permit its prescribing as a controlled drug. This means that
medical cannabis is legal when prescribed by specialist doctors on the GMC
register within the area of their expertise, and when agreed upon by a
multidisciplinary team adhering to all existing protocols for controlled drugs.
Curaleaf Clinic adhere to all these criteria.

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