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Prescription Services

A Convenient Solution to Meet your Needs
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Your NHS repeat prescription delivered to your door for FREE

  • Conveniently manage your prescriptions online
  • We’ll remind you when it’s time to reorder
  • Simple, secure & discreet

This service includes repeat prescriptions and repeat dispensing prescriptions.

How our service works


  • Easy, Hassle-free Service
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Free Phone Support & Reminders
  • Safe, Secure & Confidential

Repeat Prescription Form

    I wish to nominate Hill Top Pharmacy to receive my prescription electronically (I may change my nomination at a later date if I wish).

    Required Consent
    I consent to Hill Top Pharmacy keeping my repeat medication slips at the pharmacy, contacting my GP surgery and collecting prescriptions from that surgery.

    What is an NHS Number? The NHS Number is a unique number used to identify you and match you to your health records. Everyone registered with the NHS in England, Wales and the Isle of Man has their own number.

    *If you do not wish to be contacted via phone, text or email about your medication, health information and other products and services, please advise the pharmacist.

    Electronic Prescription

    The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS Service which provides an alternative way for your GP to send your prescription to your chosen pharmacy. Choosing a pharmacy to dispense your prescriptions is called nomination. Instead of being printed your prescription is securely sent electronically to a pharmacy convenient for you, provided that this pharmacy and your GP are participating in the service.

    This can save you time by removing the need to collect your paper prescription from your doctor, or by allowing us more time to prepare your prescription in advance.

    If you are interested in participating in this service, either contact us or your GP and we can add your nomination for you.

    If you would like to change your nomination at anytime, simply contact us or your GP.

    How our Service Works for you

    If you are taking repeat medication prescribed by your GP, Hill Top Pharmacy's FREE prescription collection and FREE delivery service could make your life easier.

    For your Convenience

    We look after your repeat prescription slip

    Trusted Communication

    We will contact you when your prescription is due

    GP Updates

    We will contact your GP on your behalf

    Quick Delivery

    We will deliver your prescription FREE to your door

    Collection Service

    Alternatively, your prescription will be available to collect from the pharmacy once ready

    If you have been issued new medication and would like any further information or guidance call 0121 422 2164

    Additional Prescription
    Services & Advice

    Your family pharmacy are here to serve you. We also have an option for you to download our pill manager app allowing you to order your repeat medication via your smartphone.